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Commercial & Multi – Family Property Management in Tampa Bay

Radiant Asset Management of Florida LLC is a comprehensive commercial and multi-family property management company, affiliated with John Burpee & Associates.

Our specialized focus includes managing large multi-unit apartment complexes (30 units or more), office buildings, and retail shopping centers in the vibrant Tampa Bay Area. Our property portfolio is a testament to our commitment to providing clients with the highest level of personalized service and professional management available today.

We utilize in-house accounting systems such as Rent Manager ensuring that our clients receive clear and concise profit and loss statements, balanced sheets, transaction reports, monthly rent rolls, itemized payments, and reconciled monthly bank statements. With just a few clicks, our clients can access their monthly statements and gain a comprehensive understanding of their real estate portfolio’s financial health.

The properties under our management have, for the most part, experienced significant value growth, thanks to our firm’s efficient management practices and the favorable market dynamics in the Tampa Bay area. At Radiant Asset Management, we take great pride in optimizing the performance of your real estate portfolio.

Radiant Asset Management Team

Sharon Burpee – President

Sharon Burpee is a conscientious Owner/Broker who has a great deal of expertise working in the Property Management profession. Her background in the mortgage, construction and insurance industries were the perfect segue into the Property Management business. Sharon puts her endless drive and devotion into the operations and management of the business.

Sharon’s  main emphasis is on managing her clients expectations and ensuring their assets exceed their targeted goals. It is her responsibility and duty to ensure the company’s goals and objectives are achieved to the highest standards. Sharon manages and leads a team of colleagues who work both internally and in the field. The primary objective of the team is to ensure the company’s operations and goals are completed in a timely and effective manner in order to provide the highest level of customer service. Sharon is always on the lookout for new and improved ways to provide customers with assistance in resolving their issues and concerns related to their property. Sharon enjoys her job and loves working collaboratively with owners and tenants in order to resolve their property related issues.

Sharon was born and raised in Dalton, MA and has been living in Tampa Bay Area for the past 35 years.  Besides this, Sharon is an avid reader and enjoys baking in her spare time.

Joe Speed – Vice President

Joe is highly experienced in the property management field, diligent about the performance of his duties and dedicated to ensuring that our client’s assets perform at the highest possible level. His depth of experience with the practical side of business operations creates an atmosphere where he is able to help others succeed in achieving and exceeding their goals. His extensive background in maintenance and as a property manager on both large and small assets allows him to smoothly navigate the daily challenges frequently encountered in our industry. He has spent his career building close relationships with vendors from many industries including general contractors, landscapers, bank executives, supply providers, insurance adjusters and appraisers. Joe has spent the last 15 years growing fine tuning a broad range of skills in order to provide exceptional service to owners, properties and their residents. With an extensive background in multi-family operations, Joe has served on the board of directors for several large condominium and homeowners associations. He has worked with many communities to manage multi-million dollar budgets helping them to develop a plan for future success no matter what economic environment they were in. Joe provides the strategies and vision for best-in-class facilities operations for the entire Radiant Asset Management portfolio.

Growing up in Connecticut, Joe worked in numerous industries and for businesses both large and small. He has worked in the telecommunications industry for AT&T with their field operations, with logistics for UPS, in the automotive industry for a small business providing custom productions for CEOs. He has worked hand and hand with executives from some of the largest companies in the country and with individual property owners providing all aspects of property maintenance and tenant relations. Throughout his time in these various industries he learned how to provide excellent service and achieve satisfaction for clients under challenging circumstances from all walks of life. What better preparation could there be for eventually running a property management company?

Upon moving his family to sunny Florida, Joe found a position with Radiant Asset Management. Having entered the company in an entry level position, Joe soon realized he had more to offer a successful company and proceeded to obtain his real estate license in order to enrich his life, develop new skills and move his career forward. Joe’s ability to patiently and methodically guide people through the unfamiliar and occasionally emotional experiences involved in selling, buying and owning real estate is valued by his clients and staff alike.

If you are in need of the most experienced support from a patient and dedicated professional who realizes that our clients are our best asset and success is always achievable Joe is ready to deliver for you.

John Burpee – Investment Advisor

John Burpee is the President and CEO of John Burpee & Associates and has over 30 years of experience in the Florida Commercial Real Estate market. Over his career, John has brokered more than $2.1 Billion in commercial investment real estate . He is widely recognized as the premier expert for Investment and multifamily brokerage services within the Tampa Bay Area and throughout Florida. John regularly consults with national investment firms, financial institutions and private investors on income generating investment real estate and multifamily acquisition, disposition and development matters. John also serves as a court appointed receiver for lenders throughout Florida and has extensive expertise in the banking community as an advisor to three separate bank boards.

Christy Martindale – Property Manager

Christy Martindale joins Radiant Asset Management of Florida LLC with 15 years of residential remodeling and redevelopment experience from her family’s business.  Working as Owner / Installer she was responsible for each project personally from the designing process to application.  As an owner she has learned the importance of attention to details, paperwork, and timelines.  As an installer, she has learned with a hands-on approach, the demolition and re-installation process. This has given her balance between doing the work and communicating with the clients to get the job complete.

In addition to her family business, for the last seven years Christy has been a Client Services Representative in an independent investment bank and financial services company.  Here she was responsible for assisting Financial Advisors to provide clients with quality service.  The essential duties and responsibilities that it takes to bridge the gap between the advisors and the clients is why she has begun to explore the world of property management.  It combines her attention to detail with her passion to see clients successful and satisfied.

Christy is currently studying for her Real Estate License

Lisa Kluever - Property Manager
Michael Birnholz – Legal Counsel

Michael D. Birnholz is a graduate of Cornell University (BS 1995) and the University of Miami School of Law (JD 2000).  Mr. Birnholz was a Staff Attorney with Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. from 2000 until 2004 where he specialized in Housing law.  In 2004, Mr. Birnholz founded his own firm, the law offices of Michael D. Birnholz, P.A., and has been in private practice ever since.

Mr. Birnholz specializes in landlord-tenant and condominium cases.  Specifically, he represents landlords in residential and nonresidential eviction cases and he represents condominium and homeowners’ associations in the collection of unpaid assessments, including the filing of Claims of Lien and foreclosure lawsuits, as well as providing general advice and counsel to associations on their operations and procedures.

Since January 2016, Mr. Birnholz has been an Adjunct Faculty member at the Florida International University College of Law where he coordinates Housing cases for the Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic.

Mr. Birnholz is a frequent speaker and presenter to various community groups and associations and has appeared on radio and television to discuss various housing law matters.

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Fax:  305-868-8962

Email:  [email protected]

Kayla Martindale - Administrative Coordinator
At the young age of 20, Kayla has already embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and professional growth. Born with a deep love for animals she dedicated several years of her life to working with a variety of 4 legged friends, leaving an indelible mark with their compassion and dedication.

However, life is a tapestry of evolving interests, and Kayla found herself irresistibly drawn to the captivating world of real estate. Currently, she is fervently working towards obtaining her real estate license, fueling her desire to explore new horizons and cultivate expertise in property management.

Kayla’s journey is a testament to her dynamic spirit, as she gracefully transitions from one passion to another, always embracing the opportunity for personal and professional growth. Her unwavering commitment, keen eye for detail, and remarkable adaptability make her a promising rising star in the real estate industry.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her life, Kayla is ready to make her mark in the world of real estate, all while cherishing the lessons and memories she’s gathered from her time with animals. With her boundless enthusiasm and passion for learning, the future holds boundless opportunities and adventures for this aspiring real estate professional.

At Radiant Asset Management We Pride Ourselves On The Performance Of Your Real Estate Portfolio