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Management Services

Radiant Asset Management of Florida LLC offers a comprehensive suite of services, including property management, leasing and marketing, due diligence services for acquisitions, market research, and repositioning distressed properties. Before renting out your property, we are pleased to provide recommendations for minimal investments that can help you maximize income potential and return on investment.

Our approach to achieving this combines extensive experience, reliance on our skilled team, a commitment to industry best practices, and the understanding that each managed asset presents its unique challenges that require a well-executed plan.

At Radiant Asset Management, we customize solutions for our clients, tailoring our services to meet their specific requirements. In today’s challenging economic climate, innovative ideas and strategies are essential. To accomplish this, we tap into our network of experts in insurance, brokerage, and maintenance, developed over our 20+ years in the industry.

Our full-service property management company is equipped to meet your investment needs, eliminating the stress and hassle of day-to-day property management while increasing profitability. Our mission is to ensure that every property owner has a competent and trustworthy professional to manage their most valuable asset. Contact us today to simplify your property management experience.


The Multifamily / Apartment Specialists

John Burpee & Associates specialize in acquiring and disposing of multifamily/apartment properties in Southwest Florida. Our team of brokers and agents has listed, marketed, and sold over 15,000 units, brokered over $1.5 billion in total sales throughout their careers.

With over 25 years of experience, our ongoing success is attributed to maintaining strong connections with institutional, private, and regional investors. John Burpee’s expertise in multifamily properties spans all unit sizes, including affordable housing, LIHTC, Section 8/HUD housing, market-rate properties, fractured condominiums, and distressed communities.

John Burpee, a Pinellas native and CEO of Largo-based John Burpee & Associates, a commercial real estate sales firm, emphasizes the importance of diligence in finding investment opportunities. While there’s high demand in our hot market, the aftermath of the pandemic may increase the available inventory of properties, potentially altering the landscape.

Although our company occasionally ventures into residential properties, our preference lies with commercial properties due to their stability and lower risk. Success in commercial investing hinges on acquiring quality properties and securing reputable tenants, particularly larger ones. Ownership of substantial properties often requires collective investment efforts, but for those with more modest means, small storefronts and strip centers offer reliable income with minimal risk. Tenant selection is pivotal; it requires a sound business plan, a proven track record, and a careful examination of financial history.

For property owners, especially those new to real estate investing, managing even a single property can seem daunting. However, when done correctly, real estate investing provides financial rewards and a sense of security, offering tangible assets that stocks cannot replicate.

Despite market fluctuations, we have confidence that the pandemic will not have a detrimental impact on those invested in commercial properties and apartment buildings. While our office initially experienced a slowdown in inquiries during the initial pandemic period, we’ve observed an uptick in interest recently.

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