Our company has relied on the complete services of Radiant Asset Management for the past fifteen years. Sharon, Joe, and the rest of the team have handled our apartments and office building portfolio.

During this time, Radiant has stayed ahead of our industry’s constantly changing business environment. It has been reassuring to know that the operations are legally sound. Additionally, the Radiant team has all the right systems and processes in place. The total result of doing all the little things correctly is near 100% occupancy at near maximum revenue.

I highly recommend their management services and would happily share my experiences.

Christopher Jones

Jones Properties, LLC

Radiant Asset Management has been invaluable in helping us manage our apartment properties. We have used their team for all matters related to our units, including guiding the renovation, lease, and tenant management processes.

We have relied on their help for many different issues during our ownership. We have always been impressed with their knowledge and ability to quickly and efficiently address any items that arise. Our access to their skills and services are a valuable part of our property ownership. We highly recommend them to other property owners.

Jim Calder